NICA Coach Manual
Start a Team

Individuals can participate in the South Carolina League as an independent rider, but what’s even more fun is having a team to train and race with. Whether you are a student or coach, the League wants to do everything we can to help you form a team at your local high school or community. If you’d like to see a team form at your school, please send us an e-mail so we can help you out.

Don’t have a team to race with? That’s ok! Students can compete as an independent racer in the League Series. While they will not be eligible for the Team Overall title, they are eligible for the Individual Race and Overall titles. Independent racers need not register a team, and should only register for the series, being sure to denote that they are racing as an “Independent” where appropriate on registration forms. All other rules apply. Please send us an e-mail so we can help you out.

Types of Teams

There are two types of teams.

  • School-Based Teams: Comprised of full-time students from the same high-school, public or private. School-based teams can be “official” or “unofficial”.
  • Composite Teams: Comprised of full-time students from more than one high-school, charter school or homeschool within the same district or other geographic proximity. Composite Team Limitations: Composite Teams are intended to be temporary solutions toward building school-based teams. High School students may only score for a composite team that has 5 or less students from the same school.  If 6 or more students from one school race on a composite team, those students will be scored separately from the rest of the composite team unless a petition to do otherwise is approved.

Here are the 2020 teams so far. If you are interested in volunteering or coaching for a team, contact the team director. If you are interested in starting a new team, contact League Director, Curt Kurz-Edsall at

Anderson Composite (Anderson)
Brtiney Fransen

Catawba Ridge Riders (Fort Mill)
John Cardozo

Catawba Valley Composite (Lancaster County)
Henry Sowell

Columbia Composite (Greater Columbia Area)
Scott Stapleton

Florence Composite (Florence County)
Philip Quann

Greenville County Composite (Greenville County)
Greg Snell

Greenville High School (Greenville HS)
Scott Edge

Issaqueena Composite (Greater Clemson Area)
Curt Edsall

Spartanburg County Composite
Terry Boxx

T.L. Hanna High School (Anderson)
Britney Fransen

Horry County Composite
Fabian Boyzo

Westside High School (Anderson)
Britney Fransen